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Explore Your Inner Stength

Morning Yoga

Morning has a calm that dissipates throughout the day and only returns with the following dawn. Before the day turns into a flurry of sights, smells, and sounds, taking a moment to find your balance could help you carry that peace with you for the rest of the day. Taking yoga in the morning is a great way to find that equilibrium. While the world is spinning around you, your inner being will be calmly poised in Sukhasana (easy pose). There’s too much to do and see in India to spend your day sleeping in, so if you’re going to mingle at the local pace, starting your day with a little Zen should keep your body limber and your mind flexible for new experiences.

Smell the Aromas

Walk Through a Spice Market

An ordinary grocery store trip to buy spices could be classified as a rather perfunctory duty. You may be restocking a favorite spice or blindly guessing at the flavor of a tightly prepackaged jar. A trip to a spice market is a complete experience. There’s no need to guess at what you’ll be taking home as the texture is readily visible, the smell will be tantalizing, and your mind will be wandering to thoughts of all the delicious dishes you will be able to make. In addition to the spices themselves, a walk through a spice market will give you the opportunity to interact with the locals and fine tune those bargaining skills you’ve been waiting to hone.

Feel the Power of Food

Special Ayurvedic Meals

No vacation is complete without trying a new dish. While every country may have a twist on how they do things, here’s a chance to have a food twist designed just for you. Ayurvedic meals can help keep your mind and body healthy. Sampling these meals could result in changes in your everyday habits and progression toward lifelong health. Even if you only try the meals, you may find yourself with more energy and pep in your step for the duration of your trip. These meals are said to heal, and not in a one-size-fits-all fashion. If previous diet plans haven’t delivered the desired results, these special Sattvik meals just might be the change you’ve been looking for.

An Experience of a Lifetime

Musical Nights

You may not listen to folk music at home, but if you travel to Rajasthan you must take time to immerse yourself in the local musical culture. The sounds are magical, the clothing is colorful, and musical nights spent absorbing your surroundings will leave you wanting more. Get close to Rajasthani culture while you have a chance. If you’re not at an early bird or didn’t come in the summer, don’t fret. Musical entertainment and eclectic fire dance is visible even on late winter nights. Don’t miss a chance to be entertained by the sounds of exotic and esotericinstruments. Don’t leave Rajasthan without experiencing a jazzy and magical night.

Feel the Air

Nature Walks

Communing with nature is often a peaceful experience, particularly for those who come from an urban environment. Nature walks in a new and exciting country can also be a chance to learn about the local ecology as well as identify plants and animals that you don’t see at home. Even nature that is familiar may present itself in a new color, shape or size. Exploring trails and parks is an excellent way to commune with nature, learn the lay of the land, and meet new friends along the way. In addition to a cityscape, a vacation can be made even more enchanting by natural landscape. Rustling trees and crackling twigs can be the soundtrack to an unforgettable local experience.

Witness India's Rural Life

Village Tours

Prepare for an up close and personal glimpse into the tiny hamlets of the exotic desert and mingle with the locals that call these villages home. See the day-to-day activities of rural life and share in the quaint pleasures of an uncluttered existence. Share in the culture of one of India’s longest settled territories. Rajasthan is a region of longstanding history, diversity and cultural innovation. The saying “it takes a village” applies here with the utmost veracity. Townspeople are friendly and create a communal society that is not often seen in other countries. Discover extraordinary art, handmade crafts, and unique keepsakes that you will be proud to display back home.

Create Your Personal Aroma

Custom Perfume Making

In an old Indian folklore, there’s a story that describes the mindset of two disciples who performed a task to achieve a completely opposite result. Their spiritual master gave them Rs. 1 each and asked to fill a room with something they could buy from it. With such a small amount, both had a difficult task at hand so one decided to fill the room with garbage but the other one thought of something completely different. He decided to buy an incense stick and filled the room with beautiful fragrance. Our sense of smell plays a significant role in both physical and emotional health. Come join us as we take you to create your personal Eau-de-Parfum (EDP). Create a smell that lifts your spirits and gives you that sense of calmness.