Terms and Conditions

Payments & Deposits

*All prices mentioned are in USD per person on twin sharing basis

For all short tours available for booking online, the entire payment must be made at the time of booking. For any reasons beyond our control such as flight delays or for traveler’s own personal reasons, no refund shall be made. Trikon shall make best efforts to arrange the tour for you and/or your party for the next available, mutually agreeable, date.

For all the custom tours that are not available for online booking, price must be confirmed with a Trikon representative through the enquiry form. We strive to update tour content regularly but the tour displayed on the website is not final. Only a Trikon representative can verify the final terms of agreements after you submit your request. A deposit of 30% is required at the time of booking and entire payment is required at least 60 days prior to the first day of sightseeing. If your reservation is made within 60 days of tour starting date, entire payment is required at the time of booking.


All cancellations made within 15 days of tour starting date will not be eligible for any refunds. Once purchased, Airfare, Entrance tickets and travel insurance are all non-refundable and non-transferable. Cancellation charges are following:

  • If you cancel between 15-30 days prior to tour start date: 50% of the total quoted tour amount
  • If you cancel 30-45 days prior to tour start date: 30% of the total quoted tour amount
  • If you cancel 45-60 days prior to tour start date: 20% of the total quoted tour amount
  • Prior to 60 days: 10% of the total quoted tour amount
  • No refund will be made for unused portions of the trip.

Travelers shall also be responsible for any non-refundable amounts paid to hotels, airlines, rail or any other carriers used in the itinerary. Certain hotels, once reserved, do not offer any refunds. In such an instance, Trikon shall advise the client at the time of booking. All flight bookings made on your behalf are non-refundable.


If for any reason Trikon is unable to reserve rooms in the mentioned hotels, a similar star rating hotel will be used for the trip. Hotel availability changes rapidly and Trikon takes no responsibility in the event of preferred hotels running out of space. Trikon shall only act on a hotel reservation once either a deposit or full payment (for online tours) has been received. 


Currency Fluctuations

By default, all prices listed on Trikon’s website are in USD unless stated otherwise. Trikon rates are based on Price/Tariff and exchange rates and are subject to change prior to departure. Due to market fluctuation, significant shifts can take place in currency valuation which can change the price offered to you prior to the valuation shift. Trikon reserves the right to change prices or introduce extra charge accordingly, even if payment has been received in full.

Travel Documents

It is traveler’s responsibility to travel with valid documents such as passports and visa. Trikon shall make its travelers aware of visa requirements prior to booking. Validity of passport during travel is traveler’s responsibility. Trikon shall not be liable for anything in case of issues arising from document errors. It also traveler’s responsibility to provide accurate information when interacting with Trikon’s representative.


Your holiday/vacation is a time to be carefree but if for any reason you are unable to go, you must protect yourself with a trip cancelation insurance. We strongly recommend you purchase a travel insurance plan when you buy a tour with Trikon Travel Inc. At the time of booking a custom tour, our representative will offer you a chance to purchase travel insurance through one of Trikon’s selected insurance partners. You may choose to accept or decline it. After you purchase a tour online, a Trikon’s representative will reach out to you via email and you will be offered to purchase a travel insurance plan through a third party independent supplier. If you decide to sign up with Trikon’s recommended insurance company, it is your duty to examine the insurance terms. If there are any disputes with the insurance company, Trikon shall not be liable for anything and the issue must be resolved directly with the insurance company.


Each country has different immunization requirements so it is traveler’s responsibility to learn about these requirements in consultation with local health department or personal doctor.

Travelers with Special Needs or Disabilities

 Trikon works hard in providing accessible tourism for those travelers with special needs, disabilities, or with mobility issues. Travelers must consult with Trikon prior to their departure and request any special facilities required to complete the trip.

Legal Compliance and Proper Conduct

Travelers understand that Trikon reserves the right to terminate a tour for any reason ranging from misbehavior with a staff member to criminal charges laid by civil authorities and alike. If the trip is terminated, it will be traveler’s responsibility to arrange substitute travel and accommodation.

Limits on Responsibility

Trikon Travel does not own or operate any entity that provides goods and services for your trip. All these goods and services are offered by various independent suppliers. Trikon shall not be liable for any conflicts arising from negligent behavior of employees or staff members working for these independent suppliers. In extreme cases where bodily injury or even death occurs to the traveler due to any willful act of the employees or staff members representing these independent suppliers, Trikon shall not be liable for anything.    


Trikon reserves the right to take photographs during the operation of any tour and use it for promotional purposes. Trikon shall always ask for traveler’s consent verbally or via email but the image/photograph shall always belong to Trikon if they are taken by staff members representing Trikon at the time of delivery.

Any image shown on the website is for illustrative purposes only.

Responsibility to Complete a Tour

Trikon shall not be obligated to complete a trip if it is prevented by events such as airline delays/crashes or natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, mudslides or wars, strikes or medical emergencies such as epidemics, disease spreads etc. Trikon shall work alongside the travelers to bring them to safety.

Air Transportation

Trikon shall not accept any responsibility for errors or mistakes committed by third parties while booking airfares. Traveler must ensure the correct departure and arrival dates are recorded by the agent working on booking airfares.

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