Heritage & Luxury Accommodations

While there are many large hotel chains where you could find lodging, we are committed to ensuring that our clients’ stay is maximized at a beautiful heritage and luxury hotel under a domestic ownership. You are visiting a country to experience the local flavor and culture. The best way to maximize that experience is by immersing yourself in local atmosphere. These Indian-owned and operated hotels have first-class accommodations with many of them often featured in world’s best hotels list. The palatial designs are luxurious enough for the comfort of casual travelers, but are also suited for exotic honeymoon excursions. Staff hospitality goes above and beyond and the architecture is exquisite. Rooms are spacious and furnished with intricate fixtures and accessories. Heritage hotels are exemplary of the pride and history that you will see on display throughout your vacation experience in India. The blueprints for these elegant structures were designed by former royal residents, and their initial attention to detail remains to this day.

Choosing a place to stay when you travel is an important process that will ultimately set the stage for your entire trip. A major portion of your leisure and relaxation time is spent in a hotel so it’s a good idea to pick a place that is going to help enhance your vacation experience. For the duration of your trip, this will be your home away from home. With that in mind, you’ll want to select accommodations that are clean, comfortable, and preferably luxurious.

When booking your hotel, you may be inclined to select a hotel based on familiarity, but that sole criteria could keep you from an otherwise extraordinary experience. You could stay at a hotel chain from back home anytime, but there’s no need to limit your lodging experience to that which is familiar. Besides, how many opportunities do you get to stay at a former palace? Take advantage of the opportunity to have an exotic experience while you are abroad and stay at one of our recommended hotels.