New Delhi, India

The Capital

While there are many delightful cities to visit in India, New Delhi offers an eclectic mix of history, sightseeing and shopping opportunities. While “New Delhi” and “Delhi” are often used interchangeably, “New Delhi” is actually a subsection of the region known as ‘Delhi”. Even though it’s referred to as “new”, this city still has an extensive backstory.India’s capital city is a rich center of the country’s development, with centuries of history in this region for visitors to unwrap. New Delhi’s colorful past has been influenced by periods of Muslim, Hindi and British rule. Modern customs and local culture reflect the impact of New Delhi’s varied heritage.

Local Attractions

New Delhi’s Red Fort stands as a powerful remnant of a previous empire. You can trace the footsteps of centuries of visits by foreign merchants with a visit to Chandni Chowk. This lively market is a perfect opportunity to indulge in exotic scents, spices, fabric and unconventional wares. While shopping for your souvenirs, you’ll even have the opportunity to practice your bargaining skills. There are also traditional enclosed malls for your convenience.

The city of New Delhi has an abundance of beautiful religious structures. The Lotus Temple is an exquisite illustration of local architecture. Inter-faith worshippers are welcome to pray there. The lotus petals are surrounded by illuminated pools that cast a peaceful glow around the sanctuary.

After you’ve been sufficiently educated on local history, satisfied your shopping urges and found spiritual fulfillment, you can unwind by taking a relaxing stroll through the park. The Garden of Five Senses is twenty acres of rolling ravines, fragrant and colorful plants, as well as an amphitheater and food court. All sections of this public space are cumulatively designed to appeal to your five senses.

New Delhi is a bustling city of historical significance with magnificent temples, and lively bazaars. When traveling to India, this is one city that should not be missed.

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