Architectural Wonders of India: The Lotus Temple

Our next stop on our architectural tour of India is in the capital city, New Delhi. Nestled within
the frenzied movement of the city lies the peaceful and impressive Lotus Temple. A true
architectural wonder, this enormous lotus is a sight to see.

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The Lotus Temple is a Baha’i place of worship, also known as a “mashriq”, which in Arabic
means a “place where the uttering of the name of God arises at dawn.” Opened in December of
1986, The Lotus Temple was designed by an Iranian architect named Fariborz Sahba, who has
received many awards for the incredible design. In the Baha’i faith, there is a resound belief in
the mystical properties that the number nine is said to hold. Keeping in check with this belief,
The Lotus Temple is a nine-sided construction, each side resembling a petal. With a total of 27
independent marble petals, the clusters are in groups of three to form nine sides. The number
nine is seen again through the temple’s landscape scheme, with lush gardens and nine pools
bordering the structure. There are nine entrances as well, all leading into a central space, which
accommodates around 2,500 people. With a large skylight to let in natural daylight, the interior
of the temple is light and airy, giving the vibes of peace and serenity. Rising to a height of more
than 40 meters (130 feet), the exterior of the temple is constructed entirely out of white marble,
for a truly amazing effect.

Relax your over-worked senses when in New Delhi by escaping to a beautiful place of



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