About Us

Story of Trikon

Our Purpose


Why do we exist? We are a team that lives, eats and breathes India. With a passion for the land, an understanding of the people, and a deep love for the culture, we delight in sharing our expertise with a group of people who are eager to dig a bit deeper and soak in the authenticity of a nation that’s still relatively untouched. We want travellers to experience India through the eyes of knowledgeable guides, and step off the beaten path to revel in the country’s rich history, literature, monuments, and people. Leaving you with feelings of fulfillment and wonder, we aim to build friendships and bonds that are everlasting.

Working ExperienceOver 10 Years
Travel TypePrivate & Bespoke
ServiceGuided (Start-to-End)
AccommodationClassic Heritage
Tour GuidesCertified & Well Traveled
LanguagesEnglish & Spanish

Our Mission

We aim to provide excursions that are encompassing of Thought, Emotion, and Feeling, stepping outside of the physical realm and into something more meaningful. Reflected in our service, these three sentiments are the core of our voyages. We aim to help you unearth the deepest layers of the thought-provoking and mystical history of India. Rather than a checklist of attractions, we believe in experiences. We challenge the status quo by offering exclusive itineraries that give space for you to truly feel the country through genuine encounters with its people, customs and ethos. We believe a trip to India stretches far beyond the sights, one that encourages you to look within and uncover your own truths.

Visit Experiences We Offer to see how we are different, and to learn more about joining a trip that sparks inspiration and reaches your emotional core.

    Trikon's Advantage

    As a prospective traveller to India, our guides take you beyond the typical sights, offering you a rare voyage into the lesser-known local gems. The advantages of travelling with Trikon are:

    • Classic Heritage Accommodation 
    • 24/7 Client Care
    • Certified Guides
    • Protected Travel with TICO

    We select of some of the world’s most luxurious hotels that offer hospitality in the way that is characteristic of the warmth of the people of India. With 24/7 on-ground client care, your guides are exclusive to you. Highly educated on India’s history, the ways of the land, and the specific customs of the area you are in, your guides will bring you an experience of India that is not found everywhere. We are committed to a level of unrivaled quality, thus only choosing individuals and guides who are well-travelled globetrotters. With each tour maintaining its own distinct flavour, our guides imbibe the company philosophy of inimitable experiences and the road less traveled. Covered under the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, your travel is protected and bonded for a worry-free journey.