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Trikon Journeys 

Our sole purpose is to create travel that goes beyond a checklist of attraction points. Trikon tours offer a glimpse into India’s rich & ancient history alongside architectural wonders from different eras. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to experience authentic food, customs, and culture through various encounters that we carefully plan. Our goal is to make your trip both remarkable and effortlessly enjoyable. 


Premium and Luxury Tours By Trikon Journeys

We, at Trikon are committed to providing you with the ultimate in service, experiences, and authenticity. As a premier luxury tour operator, Trikon’s luxury India tours are a step off the beaten path, an experience that delivers excitement and new discoveries, all while ensuring your safety and security.

The tour packages we offer encompass the best of each region and are tailored to genuinely showcase the rich heritage tours , diversity and unique culture specific to the area. With India being such a varied country, you’re given the opportunity to choose your getaway based on your preference.

Our premier luxury tours allow you to safely and effortlessly experience this bustling, colourful country through spice market visits, Ayurvedic wellness, yoga, nature walks, and village tours. Your voyage with Trikon will offer the best of India, taking you through the country’s finest gems.

How Do We Create Rich Experiences?

It is all about the finer details. We understand that your time is extremely valuable and we strive to create something special for the days you are vacationing in India. Our approach is simple – you must visit landmark sights that have captivated travelers across the globe for decades but at the same time, you must immerse yourself in the culture by well designed interactions with Food, Locals, Yoga, Ayurveda and variety of festivities. We also pay high attention to your travel time by designing itineraries that optimizes your on-the-road and leisure time. 

If your idea of luxury and unique India travel includes a blend of both serenity and adventure, our tour of the north – High Tea in the Himalayas – is perfect. Experience famous sites like the Taj Mahal under a dreamy moonlit sky, and then take off on a Jeep safari through Ranthambore National Park. Envelop yourself in the alluring peace of the monasteries and temples in Nepal, and then shake things up with an exhilarating helicopter ride above the majestic Mount Everest. Our expert tour guides will be with you every step of the way, educating you on the particulars of each region, pointing out unique cultural norms, and providing you with an experience that seamlessly blends luxury with authenticity.

Our Luxury Kerala Tours offers up the mystical backwaters of Kerala, an experience unlike any other. For those who prefer a more relaxed pace and serene environment, the backwaters of Kerala, along with the misty air of Munnar make for a truly enchanting holiday. Our tour guides will take you into India’s southern paradise, where tea estates, exotic birds, and lush greenery await you. For a bit of wonder and relaxation, your sojourn in a traditional houseboat down a palm-lined river will bring you a sense of peace like no other.

For the yogis and the spiritualists, the deep thinkers and the poets, our soul searching in spiritual varanasi tour embodies the highlights of the most luxurious golden triangle, as well as one of India’s primary spiritual centers – Varanasi. Here, you’ll be witness to one of India’s oldest religious customs, the ritual of purification, a ceremony that is performed to cleanse the body and mind. Our well-versed tour guides will turn your luxury India holiday into one of deep meaning and thought-provocation. You’ll tour the spot where Buddha first gave his sermon to his followers, along with a boat ride down India’s most sacred river, the Ganges.

After full days of excitement and new discoveries, the inviting oasis that awaits you back at your lavish hotel will be the perfect way to spend each evening. The hotels we work with on any of the tours that you choose to embark on have a high reputation for excellence, design, and service. Your stay will include an assembly of well known luxury chain hotels, as well as boutique accommodations that deliver the distinctive design characteristics of each region. With a combination of alluring resorts and delectable gourmet local cuisine, your stay with us will be an exotic melange of comfort and sensation.